The Six Week Natural Health Makeover

Cost for the 6 week natural health makeover is $350 and will include weekly coaching videos, supporting documents and products but not the Kitchari recipe components, as these need to be modified specifically for each participant.

This Wellness Program can be done in a corporate setting, individually or in groups. Contact shasta for for more details.

Introducing Shasta’s Natural Health Makeover class starting January 31. 2014

In this 6 week program you get health coaching from Shasta Tierra L.Ac. Shasta has coached over 35,000 people over the past 22 years in how to apply principles of Holistic Medicine. In the program you will learn how to apply natural self care modalities so that you will have a whole new you! Participants will learn simple and fun natural self-care strategies for feeling and looking great. Average participant loses 10 pounds, blood pressure regulates, cholesterol levels drops, pain decreases, sleep improves, hormones regulate and productivity increases. In the 6 week Natural Health Makeover Program you will:

• Look your best & Increase your energy
• Maximize your health, Increase productivity and the Joy in your life

Material Covered in this 6-week program:

  • Diet: The food choices that make you look and feel your best.
  • Meditation: How to reduce stress and lower pain levels without drugs.
  • Yoga: Exercise that feels good and is not just a chore.
  • Acupressure: WHY you seem to run out of steam and WHAT to do about it.
  • Herbs/Supplements: How to compensate for weaknesses through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Process for managing well-being: The strengths and weaknesses of your individual constitution.
  • Color, clothing, and hair tips for healthier looking you!
  • Other natural self-care techniques

This class with take place weekly on Fridays.

Visit for more details, testimonials, and to sign up. Or call Way of Wellness at 408-615-1995

Uncover the specific source of body conditions that you are not satisfied with.
Specific dietary recommendations: Make dietary choices that are a match for your body type. And a list of foods to avoid
Learn your likely disease tendencies so you have control over your well-being.

  • Headaches, muscle spasms and high blood pressure?
  • Palpitations, indigestion, water retention and sore muscles?
  • Stiff joints and muscles, poor circulation and shallow breathing?
  • Backache, chills, dental problems and sexual difficulties?
  • A 6-week Workbook to chart your progress

People I have worked with in these areas report back that they experienced increased energy, effectiveness and self-esteem.

Your results may vary based on health and effort. No outcomes are guaranteed. Consult physician before any weight loss program.

Shasta Tierra LAc. Health Coach, Doctoral Candidate Five Branches University