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Fertility: Protect, Enhance And Prevent Infertility

Fertility is the natural capability of living organisms to produce its offspring. This is not same as the rate or potential to reproduce, which is fecundity. While lacking fertile ability is medically termed as infertility and lack of fecundity is, called sterility. For a human being, his or her fertility is, based on amount of […]

Heal Your Lower Back Pain With These Four Yoga Poses

Due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many of us suffer from low back pain, it’s inevitable, really. Low back pain is one of the most common complaints these days. We’re constantly sitting from the time we wake up to the time we go back to sleep. We sit for coffee, we sit to drive or be […]

How Yoga Can Help You From Your Common Problems – Part 1

My Aching Back Unless you know how to teleport (which I’m assuming you don’t), we’re bound to suffer from minor backaches simply because we all walk upright. Our spines carry all that weight and are continually jerked by the pounding of our feet and battered by contorted and poor posture. Poor posture results in weak […]

Yoga for Preventing Health Problems

If you’re an avid yogi you’ve probably already noticed the magic Yoga weaves in your life. Maybe you have enjoyed quality sleep, experienced fewer colds or you’re just feeling more relaxed and at peace. Try telling the same to a newbie who is suffering from one or more of these 21st century syndromes. Explanations like, […]

Back Pain During Pregnancy – Sit Still Or Keep Moving?

Okay many women ask me this question. During a back pain should you be sitting still or should you move and remain active? Now let me tell you in a very simple manner what you should do depending on the degree of pain you face. Mild Back Bain Keep moving without twisting or bending too […]

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy – Why It Happens…

When you become pregnant, your body starts to produce a variety of hormones. I’m not talking about the “I’ll break your jaw if you piss me” hormone or perhaps “I’m hungry and sleepy and confused” hormone (which are part of the huge hormone list by the way!); your body produces a great amount of hormone […]