Dr. Shasta Tierra will be offering a simple yet in depth workshop focusing on how to enhance men’s and women’s fertility naturally. Topics will include ancient eastern and modern western natural medicine techniques that are easy to do and integrate into daily life. On average, participants lost 10 lbs, decreased sugar cravings, increased energy and reported an increased sense of well being (results may vary). Among other natural modalities, participants will learn yoga, acupressure and Qi Gong (energy healing) to strengthen and regulate the reproductive system and reduce stress.

  • Dates: Oct 2 – Nov 13, 2015 (Fridays 6 pm – 7:15 pm)
  • Location: 1101 South Winchester Blvd. STE. M-250, San Jose
  • Taught by: Dr Shasta Tierra D.A.O.M., second generation licensed acupuncturist, natural fertility specialist and certified yoga instructor and wellness coach.
  • Pricing: First class free (October 2, 2015). $199 for single, $349 per couple.

Please call to register: 408-615-1995

Natural Health Makeover Testimonials

My name is Ruby , I want to share how Shasta’s kitchari cleanse helped and changed my life.
I went to Shasta for fertility issues. She advised for kitchari cleanse. Amazing amazing results with in 3 weeks no wonder I lost 13 pounds and I conceived within 3 weeks and I had a healthy baby girl who was born at 37 weeks and weight 9 lbs very healthy baby. All the credit goes to Shasta Tierra for her treatment. She has magic in her fingers she filled my life with joy and filled the empty space in my life. I have no words to thank her.

“I had had chronic constipation since college, sometimes I would go for weeks at a time without a good movement. I also had candida, bloating, sore legs, and susceptibility to lots of flu’s and colds. I was also 20 pounds overweight. I had eaten fast foods most of my life and really was ready to make a change, especially because I wanted to get pregnant and be healthy for that. I came in to see Shasta once a week for about 11 weeks, during which time I changed my diet, lost 15 pounds, and regulated my bowel movements. I feel stronger and healthier for the first time in a long time. Then, to my surprise I discovered I was PREGNANT which really surprised me because I had tried for a year or so before with no avail, and wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get pregnant! Now I’m dealing with a new problem, morning sickness, but I’m very, very happy. Thanks for everything”

I feel good getting treatments at Way of Wellness. When I met Shasta I felt encouraged to pursue my health goals and it has helped ease my disappointment and sadness. She is always telling me to have hope and not to give up. I have lost 9 pounds since taking her Natural Health Makeover Program and getting acupuncture and I have much more energy. I also do the Acupressure for Fertility video that Shasta made regularly and it has decreased my stress. I can hold the tree pose now. I feel hopeful that doing natural medicine can help me a lot.
Rut Y.

Please call to register: 408-615-1995