My name is ruby , I want to share how Shasta’s kitchari cleanse helped and changed my life .
I went to shasta for fertility issue. She advisede for kitchari cleanse. Amazing amazing results with in 3 weeks no wonder I lost 13 pounds and I conceived within 3 weeks and I had a healthy baby girl who was born at 37 weeks and weight 9 lbs very healthy baby. All the credit goes to Shasta Tierra her treatment she has magic in her fingers she filled my life with joy and filled the empty space in my life. I have no words to thank her.

I am so blessed to have Shasta on my life’s path! She is extremely knowledgeable about everything under the sun and moon in regards to natural healing! She facilitates a life changing 7 week class that supports you in allowing your body to heal itself as well as supports our overall well-being in ALL aspects of your life-from the inside out! I have a dream that health care will one day be like this in our country! I would definitely vote for Shasta to lead the way!
Katie S.

I feel good getting treatments at Way of Wellness. When I met Shasta I felt encouraged to persue my health goals and it has helped ease my disappointment and sadness. She is always telling me to have hope and not to give up. I have lost 9 pounds since taking her Natural Health Makeover Program and getting acupuncture and I have much more energy. I also do the Acupressure for Fertility video that Shasta made regularly and it has decreased my stress. I can hold the tree pose now. I feel hopeful that doing natural medicine can help me a lot.
Rut Y.

I have to say I am blown away by the results. What struck me the most about the class was that class participants not only lost significant amounts of weight while eating well, but they lost their aches, pains and anxieties as well. Read More.

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