Christine’s Letter

Dear Alumnus,

I have recently completed the natural health detox class where I am the ghostwriter for a book on using Kitchari to detox the body. (This class was promoted to the local Cornell alumni list at the beginning of this year. There were a few Cornell alumni present in the class.)

I have to say I am blown away by the results. What struck me the most about the class was that class participants not only lost significant amounts of weight while eating well, but they lost their aches, pains and anxieties as well.

Most people in the class lost between 6 and 13 lbs of weight in 8 weeks, while eating plenty so that they never felt hungry–even those who had trouble losing weight (due to medically diagnosed “thyroid issues”).

One example: a friend of mine who is a CPA always gains weight during tax season; usually she’s gained between 10 and 15 lbs by the time April 15 comes around. This year, she lost 8 lbs during the 8-week class, even though she has been diagnosed with thyroid issues and has problems losing weight in the winter.

Another example: A woman who could not sit more than 45 mins without experiencing debilitating back pain found herself sitting all morning at her job about 3 weeks into the course. And she lost 10 lbs. and about 10 years off her face.

What also blew me away was that strange pains people had in their feet, arms or back went away when they followed the class guidelines. Plus, when people made the Kitchari, their kidsate it up.

I think Shasta Tierra (a licensed acupuncturist in San Jose, whose father is the well-known acupuncturist and author of The Way of Herbs) and I are onto something, and if you’d like to participate in the next Natural Health Makeover class (beginning March 30th), please email me and I will forward you the flyer.

I learned something mind-boggling just recently: 50% of bankrupcies and home foreclosures are due to health care costs. And I learned that you can drastically cut your risk of disease (by 75% and more) by making some simple lifestyle changes.

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To your good health in 2012,

Christine Hoeflich
MS&E ’83