Hypothyroidism 40 Pounds Overweight

I was 40 pounds overweight after birth of my fifth child. I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypothyroid, poor memory intense depression, and mood swings. I decided to consult with Shasta and she put me on the spring kitchari. Within 6 weeks I lost 20 pounds and within 3 months had lost 33 pounds. I also found much more energy and was able to do the trampoline, yoga and participate at my child’s school. It has been eight months now and I have maintained about 35 pound weight loss. I have learned that it’s important to have my liver clean for everything else to work. I ate the kicharee three times a day for three months (along with food) and am a firm believer in it’s effectively to curb my sugar cravings and give me long lasting energy.