Low Back Pain, Sciatica, and Weight Loss

When I first came in I had severe sciatica and herniated discs, (which the M.D.’s wanted to fuse together), I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. I was also forty five pounds overweight.

When Shasta asked me how do you think this happened? I said I thought that driving from Santa Cruz to San Jose for work everyday was literally “a pain in my rear” and went on to say how much I really hated the drive and wished I could work at home. I also mentioned that being in Kauai really seemed to help my back and if I could have anything I’d wish for a job where I could work at home, and a home in Kauai where I could work also.

I made a deliberate commitment to delve into my own personal healing, whatever it took – mind, body, and spirit. With Shasta’s advice I altered my diet to the appropriate foods for my constitution and symptoms, got regular bodywork – acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and exercise, little by little my body began to heal. Within ten months I’ve lost forty five pounds, the pain is gone, I run for up to one hour on the beach and surf like I did when I was twenty. This in itself is amazing, but out of my commitment to listen to my body I applied for a new job ($15,000 more then previous job) and got it with free range to work out of my home in Santa Cruz or Kauai. I then set out to find a house in Kauai where I really wanted to live, bought it and now work in both place!

I truly believe that when we do what’s good for the body, and stop what’s bad, the body will heal itself. We just have to get out of it’s way.