Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause

I had been suffering from severe hot flashes during menopause. I was getting them every two hours which made it almost impossible to sleep. Due to my lack of sleep I was unable to control my emotions especially crying and depression. Shasta put me on the kitchari diet and within about six weeks I no longer had hot flashes (less than 2 times a week and I only feel warm), and am able to sleep 6 hours without waking up. My emotions are now under control and I’ve lost about seven pounds.

I have learned that to maintain health my diet needs to support my chi and reduce my deficiencies. I now eat fewer raw vegetable and raw salads and eat more cooked vegetables. I also eat more protein and low glycemic foods. I also drink non-caffeine beverages that are hot or room temperate rather than cold. I still eat the kitchari to keep my energy up and food cravings in check.